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This is the Web site support for (hopefully) the collection of Android Apps produced by me, Peter Lombrozo.  So far, there is only one App I have in production right now, FindUrBuds.


Trying to meet your friends, but nobody knows where they are?  Just tell everyone to load this app and you'll be able to see how far away they are.  It will also map them for you.  Uses SMS texting for efficient updating of buds as they hook up with you.

The first screen will be blank with a map background.   Tap Menu to Add buds to your list. This will bring up the Add/Edit bud screen.


        Bud List Screen                                                                    Add or Edit Bud Screen                                     Map Screen


Adding a name and phone will start the location process that sends your location to your buds phone.  This will appear on their phone as a normal text message.  However, if they are running this app, it will decode the location and, using their phone’s position, display the distance between you.  Also, assuming they have also put your number in the app on their phone, it will return their location and display the same distance on your phone.


You can track as many buds as you want.  Each time a Bud sends an update location to your phone, the app will also display a best-guess of the street address of where your friend is located.


The Menu Option will allow you to set the update time that your phone will send out your location to the buds on your list.  However, if you move more than 30 feet, it will also send an update message.


Tapping on any Bud in List will allow you to Edit or Delete the Bud on the list.


Menu Map will display the buds in your list on a map.  This does NOT update their position as they move.  I will have this working in a later version.


Simply quit the app to stop sending text messages to all your buds.



This App will be free for a limited time while it is in Beta Release.  Enjoy!